2015 Theme: You Are Invited Into A Bigger Story…
9 am
INWARD JOURNEY with Meditation
11 am
& Youth Program
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Science of Mind Basics "Basic Ideas of Science of Mind" Ernest Holmes
9/6/15 It All Starts With You Rev. Larry King
9/13/15 Thinking Through It Rev. Sharon Lee Foley
9/20/15 Your Choice; Your Life Rev. Larry King
9/27/15 Finding Life's Riches Rev. Larry King
Abundance "The Abundance Book" John Randolph Price
10/4/15 The 40-Day Prosperity Plan Rev. Larry King
10/11/15 Fruits Of The Harvest Rev. Larry King
10/18/15 The Principle of Sufficiency Rev. Lynn Johnson
10/25/15 You Are Your Own Money Rev. Larry King
11/01/15 Money: The Energy of Divinity Rev. Larry King
Sufficiency "A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough" Wayne Muller
11/8/15 The Fullness of "Enough" Rev. Larry King
11/15/15 The Next Right Thing Rev. Larry King
11/22/15 I'm Enough Rev. Larry King
11/25/15 – 7:00 pm Wednesday: Gratitude Service Rev. Larry King
11/29/15 Always Enough Rev. Larry King
Philosophy "Does Santa Exist?" Eric Kaplan
12/6/15 Logically, Does Santa Exist? Rev. Larry King
12/13/15 Mystically, Does Santa Exist? Rev. Lynn Johnson
12/20/15 Experientially, Does Santa Exist? Rev. Larry King
12/24/15 – 7:00 pm Christmas Eve: Yes Virginia… Rev. Larry King
12/27/15 Golden Bowl: Do I Exist? Rev. Larry King
Back to Basics "The Science of Mind" Ernest Holmes
1/3/16 The Thing Itself Rev. Larry King
1/10/16 The Way It Works Rev. Sharon Lee Foley
1/17/16 What It Does Rev. Larry King
1/24/16 How to Use It Rev. Larry King

Larry King, RScP

Rev. Larry King
Senior Minister
Sharon Lee Foley, RScP
Rev. Sharon Lee Foley
Staff Minister
Practioner Sunday
Practitioner Sunday
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